Welcome to Shutter Tactics. This site is more about creativity, imagination, voice and vision than about gear. Sure the gear is necessary, but what is gear without the photographer behind it, not much. This site should be about who we are as photographers, about our journey either to get one photo, or a lifetime of photos. It will be about people just like you and me; some of us professionals, some of us enthusiasts, but all of us, very passionate about this wonderful thing we all have in common: taking pictures.

As for interviews, I hope to bring you insights into how the pros do it but also showcase up-and-coming unknown photographers that need a bit of a spot light shone on them.

Of course, we will also try to bring you tutorials to help you bring your creative ideas to fruition. We will provide little tips and tricks that may make your life easier. These tutorials may be do-it-yourself projects that don’t require emptying your piggy-bank or post-processing procedures that may help you push your photography further than your camera will let it go.

I’m also looking for photographers that would enjoy adding to this forum. Have a behind the scenes story? How you turned that lemon into lemonade? Did you take an interesting trip or have some life-changing event change or sculpt your life as a photographer? Let me know. I may publish your story.

So stay tuned!


Maggie Terlecki – Editor

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